Jesse: A Princess in the Making

My daughter Jesse has been invited to a costume birthday party. The celebrator requested for a princess-themed party. It is nearly two weeks before the event. My daughter is excited to attend the party, of course.

Kudos to the parents of Samantha for allowing her requested themed party. Preparing for such party is truly a labor of love. Every customized and personalized party gives children a chance to feel like they are stepping into a whole new dimension which makes it more memorable and remarkable for the kids.


Now what do I need to do?

  • The first step to take is to ask my daughter who her favorite princess is. Her answer is Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.
  • Second, I check online stores. Nowadays, they give us the ease of checking into a number of available stuff without actually leaving the comfort of our homes. The pictures posted on their websites would be an advantage to give my daughter a chance whether she wanted to stick with her original choice or choose a different one. This avoids her having regrets when she finds other adorable costumes. Aside from that, it gives us the chance to check on many items for a short span of time – without worrying to go from one store to another, looking for a parking, searching the store sections yourself, it is totally a relief.

For my daughter’s princess costume, I might check online stores near our vicinity. It would even be much better if they have options to rent princess costumes to make it budget-wise.

I know my daughter is excited already, so am I! So, let’s start online shopping and support online stores!

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