A Kid-Friendly Wedding

My nephew, Carter, recently got married. A month before his big day, he personally went to our house to invite my family and me to be there. He also said that he would be disappointed if he does not see me on his special event. Of course, I wanted to be there. However, as much as I wanted to be there, I know for a fact that wedding ceremonies take a lot of time. I told myself that it should not stop me from witnessing a special event in our family.

Certainly, no mother would ever want her kids to feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable clothes could only encourage them to throw tantrums. In solemn events like that of a wedding, no mother wants that to happen. Your kids shouldn’t steal the spotlight of the couple because of their grumpiness.

The answer for my concern is finding the right clothing that my kids can wear for events like this. How did I do it?

  1. Choose the right material


Children look charming when wearing a lace dress for girls and silk vest for boys. However, adults find these materials not so comfortable, and the same goes for children. When selecting outfits for children, choose the right material where they can be comfortable wearing for longer hours.

I would not want my children to be irritable and continually asking me to go home suddenly. To prevent such things from happening, I avoided materials that would cause such discomfort. Also, I made sure to match their attire with the wedding’s theme.

  1. Buy budget-friendly clothing.

Unlike adults, children will keep on growing and they might be able to wear that dress or suit for a couple of months only. So I made sure that the price of the clothing is worth it and reasonable.

Aside from the price, I made sure as well that the attire can be worn again for other events and occasions.

Yes, the wedding was over and I am happily sharing through this blog that my kids behaved perfectly well during the entire ceremony and celebration. What a relief!

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