My Kid’s Scary Halloween Experience

This year’s Halloween was a blast for me and my kids! As everybody is up and excited for this yearly event, I have seen a few mommies who got stressed out. Some enjoyed with their kids, and a number went crazy about what to have them wear! And yes, this year’s Halloween party, I belonged to the third category. Crazy but I am totally glad. This idea came from an article on


I believe that Halloween is more than just decorating your kids with costumes. It is about developing their creativity and employing their imagination. However, it is not the only time to encourage children’s imagination; we can make use of birthday parties, family gatherings and even simple days to allow them to voice out their thoughts and unleash their creativity.

Believe it or not, this year’s Halloween, is one of the best I’ve ever had with my kids. I have seen other children request for Disney Princesses costumes; others became cute cartoon characters. However, my kids requested to be scary monsters.

Michael, who is 7, wanted to be a mummy. His sister Jesse, who’s 5, is determined to be Mike Wazowski of Monster Inc. In order to make their costumes blend together, I asked Michael if he’s okay taking the role of James P. Sullivan. He was thrilled, and so the costumes were prepared. They looked good walking side by side and knocking on doors for tricks-or-treats.

My kids might wish for something crazy to try next year, but I might give in to them again. I consider Halloween as this role-playing activity which would be a great time for them to explore more about themselves.

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