Are you afraid that parenting books are not giving you enough information to help you carry out your role as a mother? Are you in search for exciting activities for you and your kids? Looking for a trusted site for parenting tips, baby product reviews and useful information?

Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned one, you can find the latest and the best mom it here in Mint and Chocolate. It believes that the best moments between mother and kids are shared when there are creativity and playfulness partnered with a wild imagination.

Mint and Chocolate is a blog website by a certified fashionista mommy. I believe in the power of cameras and photos and sharing them to the world uplifts my soul. My ultimate goal is to capture and preserve important moments and milestones of her kids. It is indeed a dream of every mother to come up with these collections so they can take a look back after.

Amidst a busy lifestyle, as I perform my duties as a wife and mother, I want to share to everyone how I enjoy juggling all these activities to keep on inspiring all mothers out there. For me, motherhood is indeed the greatest role a woman could take. It could be tiring at times, but it’s mostly a joyful experience. This is especially true when you get to dress up your children.

Dressing up is one of their favorite bonding moments together. In this blog website, you will see my journey with my kids– from the most special moments we share together up to the usual everyday activities happening to them.

Mint and Chocolate also provides you with practical tips, advice and information on the latest fashion trends for kids while not compromising budget and comfort. It aims to promote smart and stylish fashion that kids would definitely love. This blog would definitely revolutionize mother and kids’ bonding time! It should be a consolation for mothers out there who find parenting a difficult task.

Cheer up! Learn from my experiences, tips and advice, and find special products for your babies and children and most of all enjoy!